This came up while trying to write a really good architecture, one that doesn’t require the programmer to write almost a thing to access its data.

I’ve seen a lot of systems architecture and the all have these things in common:

  • They have a Service a Model and a DataAccess projects
  • Most of this projects files are likely to be added to a Generic file, as they do pretty much the same
  • They hold the application’s logic
  • They authenticate the user, return and save data, managing transactions
  • Nowadays, most of them use a Object Relation Mapper software.

Don’t we already have something that does all that? Right! The database… They are even capable of publishing there stored procedures as WebServices.

All this, for sor long just to avoid maintaining Stored Procedures, Views and Rules? Is it that hard to do it that way? If so, shouldn’t we start thinking of a High level language instead of a whole set of projects?


Well, yes. LINQ. But again, why use LINQ if it’s almost a DB Query? Can’t we just start using the Database for what it was created?

I just realized it’s no enough having a vision, a big brain or talent for business…

In order to take this to a good port you need lots and lots of available time.

I had some good ideas, some of them even developed by others latter but none by me, and I think this might be in part because most of my free/non-work time I spend on learning useless stuff for college and I’m not too satisfied with that. Not sure I’m making a good use of my time.