Submitting to the AppStore from scratch in an hour

September 11, 2010

Hello people.

I’ve developed iOSs apps for almost two years. Had a few apps approved on the AppStore and a few rejected. I crossed the line and balanced over it a bunch of times. Right now one of my apps has been 5 weeks in review, meaning that it’s technically approved, but no one dares to either approve it or reject it.

I’m thinking on giving a quick chat, with real examples, real app building and submitting from scratch within an hour. But I need to know I’d have a worthy public*.

If you’d like to attend leave a comment or contact me on twitter @iMariano.

IMPORTANT: This event will not be sponsored in any way. We are not looking to recruit people in exchange for a netbook lotto.

*By worthy I mean more than 5, actually willing to learn and share their experiences.

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