iOS Apps integration

September 11, 2010

Everybody in the iOS world knows what the following line of code does.

[[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:url];

What’s a real pity is that big applications don’t use that as they should. I find myself many times having to quote an iOS application dedicating 30% or even more time to integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare. That’s crazy… APIs are not the solution, at least not web apis.

The real solution is callback methods.

I’d love to be able to put on that url something like

tweet://text=Hey, I like this blog!&fixedText=NO&callback=myApp://tweetedText={1}
facebook://like=This blog&commentAllowed=NO&callback=myApp://facebookLiked

Why can’t twitter or facebook provide with a real API that calls their app just to a job and come back? With multitasking on iOS it should be pretty easy to do.

Guau, es más fácil ser breve en inglés.

Hola gente.

He estado desarrollando aplicaciones iOS por casi dos años. Algunas fueron aprobadas y algunas rechazadas. Crucé la línea e hice equilibro sobre ella en varias oportunidades. Ahora mismo tengo una aplicación In Review hace 5 semanas, eso significa que está aprobada a nivel técnico pero que nadie se anima a aprobarla o desaprobar su entrada definitiva al AppStore.

Estoy pensando en dar una charla corta, con ejemplos reales, de una aplicación real y enviarla para aprobación al AppStore desde cero en una hora. Pero necesito saber que voy a tener un público que merezca el esfuerzo*.

Quienes estén interesados pueden dejarme un comentario o mandarme un mensaje por twitter @iMariano.

IMPORTANTE: Este evento no será esponsoreado de ninguna manera. No intentamos reclutar gente a cambio de sortear una netbook.

* Me refiero a que haya al menos unas 5 personas que realmente quieran aprender y compartir sus experiencias al respecto.

Hello people.

I’ve developed iOSs apps for almost two years. Had a few apps approved on the AppStore and a few rejected. I crossed the line and balanced over it a bunch of times. Right now one of my apps has been 5 weeks in review, meaning that it’s technically approved, but no one dares to either approve it or reject it.

I’m thinking on giving a quick chat, with real examples, real app building and submitting from scratch within an hour. But I need to know I’d have a worthy public*.

If you’d like to attend leave a comment or contact me on twitter @iMariano.

IMPORTANT: This event will not be sponsored in any way. We are not looking to recruit people in exchange for a netbook lotto.

*By worthy I mean more than 5, actually willing to learn and share their experiences.