Microtransactions or Web 3.0

February 16, 2010

If I’d have a million dollars I’d spend them all on developing micro-transactions on the web.

Google and Apple demonstrated that the next business is the small money business. Google with Google Ads and Apple with iTunes and the AppStore. Instead of 20.000$ a day hallmarks, 2¢ a click, and instead of 20$ a CD, a song at 99¢.

The web 2.0 dragged popularity from newspapers into people, with the blogs and the user’s easy content generation. But they still own and pay for advertisements (Web2.0’s fuel). They have concentrated the kind of power that’s very difficult to break for the small timers.

But what if you could just donate 1¢ to fixing that road you use everyday, clear a park or just putting people out the streets? How about just to support a blogger, a singer or a developer? What if people wouldn’t have to think so hard before opening their wallets?

People, masses, would gain a power they don’t have today.

Democracy it’s about representing the people for two reasons:

  1. Representatives knows better (yeah… sure)
  2. We can’t fit every citizen on the congress and have them debating.

We can’t fit them, that’s still right, but we can make people invest and participate little, not just complain about things. Today, sadly, it’s big or nothing and that leaves a lot, really a lot of small out of the equation.

Since I don’t have a millon dollars, I’ll have to anxiously wait for that day.

Hi, so you got any of these?

  • 101 errors
  • FBConnect/FBConnectGlobal.h: File or directory not found
  • Works for distribution but not for iPhone simulator
  • Checked EVERYTHING else there is to check

Make sure your “Configuration” dropdown is set to “All configurations” and not only “Distribution” on the project’s info build tab.

Hope it helps!