I would never recommend Infragistics

November 4, 2008

Forums usage is a good way of measuring design. If your design is good and your users are not stupid, you won’t have many questions in your forums and most of them will be new features/bug related.

Let’s say you find in your bank’s support page something like: “Hey, how do I get to see my account balance?”, wouldn’t you fire someone? There are a lot of this questions on Infragistics forums. And it’s not that we (users) are stupid… just look at the responses to something as simple as “How do I add a row?”.





Infragistics is plain unpredictable. Its design seems to be alien made… little green guys with 18 fingers and big n-dimensional viewing brains (not at all natural to our species).

Yes, it’s cute. It’s cute like an all pink 14 years old girl’s room cute (and messy). Once you start using it you just start turning off all the cute stuff, why? Because they are unmanageable. All their classes are sealed like saying “This is my mess, don’t you dare getting it sorted”. Very teenager. Oh… and there’s no one comment on any class, attribute or method.

Infragistics celebrity feature is the grid. You can sort, filter and group with almost no work. Until you need to add some features of your own, like lazzy-loading the rows, having cache or similar.


I won’t take more of your time giving you examples of this… just know that I would never recommend Infragistics.

2 Responses to “I would never recommend Infragistics”

  1. Mariano said

    Why is there a Value property with its setter and getter on a UltraGridCell and a SetValue() property?

  2. Mariano said

    “It would sure be helpful to have example code instead of just vague replies understood only by those with many years experience with the product. The sheer complexity of this product makes me never want to use it again.”
    You can find this beautiful comment of Infragistics on http://forums.infragistics.com/forums/p/7616/31111.aspx#31111

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