Lessons learned from PublicaloYa

August 21, 2008

Almost a year ago, a friend of mine and me decided to put out a site with free classified ads. As the time passed I learned some basic, but necessary, rules to get your internet brand to work.

  1. It doesn’t matter how good is your name if it’s not a .com

    So, you thought of a really cool name, but of course it’s already taken. You should try to buy it at this time or think of another one. The sooner you buy, the cheaper it’ll be. If it’s not cheap enough now, it’ll never be. We started with publicaloya.com.ar and our competence got publicaloya.com.

  2. Location, location, location

    Being found, being found, being found. You need to be found. 85% of our site’s traffic comes from search engines. Think of it this way: it’s not that a blog gets more readers because their late posts are better; it’s because of the amount of posts that it has. To be found on search engines you need to things:

    a. Quality: so that others link to your site.

    b. Quantity: so that many different things links to your site.

  3. Get a good hosting

    We bought a hosting on mgb: big error. The service is poor to say the least and in 6 months we had no less that 10 site crashes (from lack of connection to the database to “Service unavailable”) and its tech support is plain rude. Getting a cheap hosting can cost you a lot.

    Here’s the evolution of visits of our site, do you see where the curve goes down?

    Thank mgb for that. We lost a month of growth because of the crashes.

  4. Promote your site, DO NOT SPAM

    If you’re reading this is because you don’t have a million dollars to spend on advertise. First thing people with a new site think of to promote his site is sending an email to his entire address book. You’d be marked as spam.

    If you want to promote your site you can IM people one by one, trying to convince them to give you feedback, and let them know when you update your site.

    Other way of doing this is giving your customer its page on your site. That way they’d be promoting your site by promoting their page.

    If you are a classified ads site you can give them a personalized virtual store; if you have a college site you can give them a profile page with all articles written by them. Every type of site has its ways of having users promoting your site by promoting theirs.

  5. Be constant

    It takes long for a site to grow and become known. It’s not use on uploading 200 articles one day and absolutely nothing the next entire month. If you can control this, try to save some for the slow days. That will give the users an excuse to enter your site daily. Search engines privileges this behavior, constant changing pages goes up on searches.

  6. Measure your progress

    You need to know how your site is doing. Every statistics provider provides more les the same data, but you’d find useful to have a couple of them. I recommend you to use Google analytics and Alexa to measure the evolution of your site. Pay attention to it, any change here might be showing you a problem or a chance of success. Don’t ignore it.

One Response to “Lessons learned from PublicaloYa”

  1. Esteban said

    Excellent post! I really appreciate you sharing your experience with us. Thanks!

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