Automatic folder organizer

June 9, 2008


This came to my mind when looking at the Big mean folder machine. In the beginning I thought “Wow! You just let the program scan your files and figure out which folders to create and where to place each file, AWSOME!”, but the BMFM is much more humble than that. You have to give the program some parameters in order to command it to create a different folder per file type, date, or file name… I’m not saying that the idea’s not good, but I can think of a better file organizer… The Folderizer! *

So, the big question is: what would the Folderizer do? It should scan all files, looking for similarities and differences, and create folders based on the metadata and internal text of the file; of course you should be able to help the process, but it should be able to organize pretty much like you would your files.

I mean, lets think of a typical job folder. No matter what’s your field of work, you’ll surely take advantage of having those files distributed on folders based on the client and project’s name. Even more, you might want to have different file types on different folder… as a result you might obtain text documents, presentations and spreadsheets folders.

I’d love to be able to develop this, but I couldn’t find a standard, plug and play, free, automatic classification API. So,if you own or know one, just let me know!

* If you can think of a better name, please let me know.

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