Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

Imagine you want to watch a movie… Rocky IV for instance. Should the movie end differently in different tv’s? Should the russian win if you are watching the movie on a Panasonic? What if you’re watching it in a Sanyo?! No, it shouldn’t! And that’s because there are standards which are used by all television’s manufacturer to make their tv’s standard.

Maybe we should tell Internet Explorer’s and Firefox’s manufacturers that the WWW also has standards, because there are lots of differences on the rendering of the same html on both of them.

Let’s see an example that drove me nuts a few days ago: The center align, as simple as that.

As you may see for yourself, if you try aligning a table by

<table style=”text-align: center;”>

It’ll work on Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox! For Firefox you should use:

<table style=”text-align: -moz-center;”>

But this won’t work on Internet Explorer. UN-F**KING-BELIAVEABLE!!!

So, what you should do to make both of them work is:

<table style=”text-align: -moz-center; #text-align: center;”>

I don’t even know why this last thing works, but it does…

But, the question is, Why, Oh, Why does -moz-center even exists?!

Chief Information Officer

September 13, 2007


– Hi, my name is John Smith, I’m the CIO of Techiename corp. Let me tell you about which will be the services I’ll be providing to you: Development, Testing and Graphical design.

– Will you personally be doing it, aren’t you the CIO of a corporation?

– (Small silence) Sure, you are a very important client for Techiname corp. and… we like to treat our customers with our very best.

Did it ever happen to you?

I rather call me an independent professional than the CIO of my ghost unipersonal corporation!