You’ve got yourself a deal

August 24, 2007

Whenever I think of making business I think what it was like to trade cards as a child. Making good business would always bring you good business friends, and good personal friends were the last people on earth you’d want to make some business with. If you have to do some hard negotiation business, and most of the time that’s what you’re doing, you don’t want friendship to came up in the middle of a negotiation, but still even when you dislike the person you’re dealing with there are some codes. Consulting

Once you shook hands, you can’t change the rules. If you’ve shook hands with someone and he changes the rules, simply discard him as a person to make business with. Someone who won’t stand for his word is not going to help you getting anywhere. I’d say that making good business will bring you good friends, and making bad business is the best (probably the only) way of knowing with who you should be making business with and with who you shouldn’t.

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